While the interest in volatile cryptocurrencies are on the rise, there is a critical need for a decentralized platform that provides users, in any geography or jurisdiction, with the ability to trade in denominations that are more relevant and represent real-life exposure. Additionally, the cryptocurrency markets as they currently exist do not have the ability to trade and hedge across different currencies based on market expectations and trading needs.
The forex market, and by natural affiliation, the ability to trade assets (including cryptocurrency) in any currency denomination de facto represents the largest industry in the world. Companies, investors, speculators or hedgers ultimately need to denominate any trading profits or losses in a localized currency which is ultimately met by massive barriers, regulations and natural self-interests.
The benefit of decentralization and an efficient and unfettered on-chain capital markets has been curtailed by the incumbent system heavily ladened with legacy processes and infrastructure. However, investors are increasingly realizing the importance of financial freedom and the heavy hand of gatekeepers within the existing financial services infrastructure.
Taebit represents the opportunity to transform the largest market in the world by providing global unfettered access to any investors regardless of jurisdiction to trade in any currency and/or participate in the global forex markets without constraint.
Last modified 5mo ago