Stablecoin Rate Reinforcement
The minting and redemption of stablecoins will be governed by the Alkemy protocol. However, there are various integrated use cases for these stablecoins that will exist and power the Taebit platform.
Asset trading pairs in native currencies Investors will be able to trade any cryptocurrency utilizing their own currency without the hassle of converting back and forth or the limitations of only trading within their respective jurisdictions Synthetic Forex Exchange While the traditional forex markets are largely powered by brokers, Taebit will allow for an integrated clearinghouse, where foreign exchange can be traded using the active pairs that exist on Taebit. Without having to receive quotes from any brokers, there will always be an existing price for a specific currency pair. Synthetic Forex Futures The world’s first decentralized synthetic forex futures market will allow traders and investors to gain or hedge their exposure to future expectations in future rate changes. Forex futures creates another liquidity foundation for rate expectations for the stablecoins that are being traded.
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